April 20, 2010

The Flip Side

Posted in Random Observations at 3:31 pm by jensalsjourney

I feel like my last post was sort of a downer, so I decided it would only be fair to acknowledge that being sick does have its benefits. Here’s a list of good things about having ALS:

1. Sit around all day but no one can accuse me of being lazy.

2. Finally have the pretty nails I’ve wanted all my life, as since I barely use my hands my nails don’t break and my polish doesn’t chip.

3. Get all the good parking spots (when they’re available, that is — remind me to go off on a tirade about this in a future post).

4. Never have to be the designated driver.

5. No more diets — doctor’s orders!

6. Don’t have to clean the house or do laundry.

7. No guilt about not volunteering to do stuff for PTA.

8. Haven’t seen my basement in 18 months so don’t care if it’s messy.

9. Waited on hand and foot.

10. Can run people over if they are walking too slow; just like I always wanted to do in Penn Station back in the day.

11. The fatter you are the longer you live (I stole that one).

The best part of course is all the well wishes, prayers and good vibes from everyone around me, near and far. I’m humbled by how many hands have reached out to help me and how many people are cheering me on. I read somewhere that people with ALS who have a positive attitude and lots of support tend to do better than average. I’m going for it. Thanks everybody!



  1. Betsy said,

    I guess this makes you the anti-Ruby!

  2. Judie said,

    I didn’t find your last post a downer. But I like this list!!

  3. Trish said,

    Ditto what Judie said. I LOVE this list! You are the inspiration to us, too, Jen! Keep on truckin’! (or in your case, “rollin'”!)

  4. Sandra said,


    I Love the List, As we are new comers to ALS, and all that involves, It really helps me as My Husbands Care Taker to read ad much and apply it as i Can , My Husband Donnie was Diagnosed Nov. 11 2009. But from Day 1 we decided we will not bow down to ALS. Thanks for your Journal. I hope you have a great day.

    Sandra Abbott

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